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The Astanza Duality laser is trusted by industry leaders worldwide, including leading physicians, medical spas, and tattoo shops. This cutting edge laser is specifically engineered to target ink trapped deep inside your skin without damaging any surrounding tissue.The Duality is a powerful Q-switched Nd: YAG laser that combines high pulse energy and ultrashort pulse durations to produce intense peak power for optimal ink shattering and faster clearance. This laser generates two essential wavelengths, 1064nm and 532nm, to effectively remove a wide range of the most popular tattoo ink colors. The video below shows how tattoo removal works.
Renew uses the Astanza MeDioStar laser to perform state-of-the-art laser hair removal and vascular lesion removal treatments. This advanced diode technology is backed by Astanza, the leaders in aesthetic technology, and is exclusively used at Renew in Detroit Lakes, MN.

The MeDioStar system is a superior diode laser that delivers unparalleled, long-lasting permanent hair-reduction results. This advanced technology supports two wavelengths, 810 nm and 940 nm, for superior hair removal, ensuring optimal melanin absorption while protecting the surrounding skin tissue. This results in successful treatment of the deepest hair follicles and vascular lesions, and the safest treatment of all skin types, even newly tanned skin.

Our MeDioStar laser uses various handpieces, including an XL handpiece that sports the industry’s largest spot size at 10 cm2 . This allows us to deliver the fastest laser hair removal treatments through Detroit Lakes. For example, we can treat larger areas like full legs, the back, chest, and more in as little as 4 minutes. Most of our competitors take at least 15 minutes to complete areas that size. Best of all, the handpiece features an integrated cooling system that mitigates pain and alleviates the skin immediately prior to each treatment pulse.

Our MeDioStar M handpiece has a smaller spot size at 1.5 cm2 for precise treatment on smaller areas like the face, bikini area, neck, hands, and more. Lastly, we use the MeDioStar VAS handpiece to specifically target and deliver superior removal for unwanted vascular lesions and spider veins. Its unique 940 nm wavelength delivers precise, immediate results while protecting the patient and eliminating downtime in between treatments.

Each of our MeDioStar’s handpieces comes with 360º contact skin cooling for optimal safety and comfort. Each handpiece also is equipped with a hygienic single-use protection cap for added cleanliness and safety measures. For the best hair removal results in Detroit Lakes, MN, call Renew today and get treated with our industry-leading MeDioStar laser today!