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Before & After

The Cryo 6 is available at Renew to superficially numb the skin. This helps with any discomfort during tattoo removal.

Tattoo Regret is real!

*Too young to care

*poorly done/unprofessional

*have a name you no longer want

The list goes on and I will tell you one thing....there is NO judgement here! (Ask me about my regret story)

How does tattoo removal work?

Laser removal kickstarts the immune system to do what it already does: your body recognizes ink as a foreign matter and flushes it out, but the ink particles are too large & stubborn.

The ink absorbs the laser energy and breaks it into manageable pieces for your immune system to flush out.

How many treatments will I need?

Many factors play a role in estimating the number of treatments for complete removal: colors, age of tattoo, location on the body, depth of tattoo, type of ink, etc.

Black, Gray and colors with dark tones are the easiest to remove.

Bright colors (green & teal) are more difficult.

White is very difficult and may not react to the laser at all. It may also turn a brownish-gray.

Does it hurt & how does it heal?

The pain is no more than getting the tattoo itself. One major difference is that the pain stops as soon as the laser is shut off, where with getting a tattoo the pain lingers.  You may randomly feel a slight "sun-burn" sensation throughout the first day or two. The treated area does not seem to be touch-sensitive as it is with getting a tattoo. A removal session is extremely quick! 

On the surface you will look and feel healed after the first 1-2 days. Over the next two weeks the ink will appear darker as it breaks up. After this time the ink will start to fade. The minimum wait time between sessions is 6 weeks. Re-treating before this time could possibly trap the flushing ink into other layers of the skin that can become permanent.

How much does it cost?

The exact cost for a complete removal depends on how many sessions are needed.

The prices below are an example of what to expect per session:


          Mini (Wedding Ring)  -  $50

          X-Small (1x1in)   -   $75

          Small (2x2in)  -   $125

          Medium (4x4in)   -   $200

          Large (6x6in)   -   $350

          X-Large   -   $custom

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