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Vascular lesions, including spider veins, are relatively common skin blemishes. Experienced by both men and women, vascular lesions are red or purplish in color and are a result of aging, genetics, hormones, lack of mobility, and other factors. While harmless, these blood vessels are visible through the skin and often removed for cosmetic purposes. Luckily, Renew offers a simple, fast, and safe solution for removing unsightly spider veins, hemangioma, port wine stains, telangiectasia, and more.



How It Works

During a treatment, our MeDioStar’s VAS handpiece emits light energy into the skin to be absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood. This warms the blood significantly, leading to an inflammation of the vessel and capillaries while the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. As a result, the inner vessel walls collapse, cutting off blood flow to those veins. Our MeDioStar’s vascular handpiece uses a unique 940 nm wavelength that is optimal for hemoglobin absorption. Benign vascular lesion treatments are relatively quick, only taking a few minutes to complete, and require no downtime. Unlike surgical procedures, cryotherapy, and other vascular lesion removal methods, our MeDioStar vascular lesion treatments are noninvasive, more effective, less painful, and deliver permanent results. Most lesions can be removed with a single treatment, while larger lesions may require additional sessions. Side effects for this treatment are extremely minimal.